Zack Mufasa was born Zackaree Blake Newton in Meridian Mississippi April 25, 1989. He returned with his family to the Kansas City area they originally called home, leaving Corpus Christi Texas in 1996. There Zack would begin his life-long journey on a quest for musical knowledge, learning to play a variety of instruments and styles along the way. Now you can find him performing in a variety of groups and arrangements in the Kansas City area and around the Country; captivating audiences with his engaging stage presence, along with his positivity and trademark intoxicating laughter.

With the May 2015 release of his debut album “Make It Right” jumping to #10 on the Billboard reggae charts and #8 on the iTunes international reggae charts, Zack Mufasa has secured his spot as an up-and-coming artist to be watched by the music community at large. The Album showcases the unique and eclectic style of the solo-driven project spearheaded by the keyboard player of Kansas City’s reggae-rock legend 77 Jefferson. With conscious, thought-provoking lyrics and driving melodies, Zack Mufasa’s musical presence inspires a certain positivity and inclusiveness from all walks of life; universal in its nature to appeal to a wide variety of fans. The Zack Mufasa Band consists of some of Kansas City’s most talented and in demand musicians including Miles Brown (drums), Kyle Crouse (Bass), Eddie Moore (Keys), Justin Fowler (Keys), Pete Carroll (Trumpet), and Bret Jackson (Saxophone).

In the past two years Zack Mufasa shared a stage with many of the world’s most popular names in reggae music, including Groundation, Morgan Heritage, Fortunate Youth, Common Kings, Everton Blender, Inna Vision, Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah, The Schwag, New Kingston, Ballyhoo, Ease Up, Natural Vibes, True Press, Tribal Theory, Gyptian, Clear Conscious, Iya Terra, Audic Empire, and many others. In the summer of 2014 he went on the road with 77 Jefferson during their “Let Me Know” tour, performing sneak previews of songs from the album “Make It Right” with the help of the 77 Jefferson crew. The same year he also performed as the keyboard player in several performances with the Dub7 Crew backing Josh Heinrichs and Skillinjah, including the 2014 Midwest Reggae Fest in Ohio. In 2015 the Zack Mufasa Band performed at the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin Texas, and he Joined the Josh Heinrichs Band once again performing 2 nights at the Byrdfest Music Festival in Ozark Arkansas. Already the 2015 Summer and Fall is becoming one of the busiest ever for the Artist, as he begins work on his next studio project.

Zack Mufasa’s dedicated following, lovably deemed “The Pride,” directly contributed to the success of the artists 2015 release with great enthusiasm, and continues to grow in numbers as the ZMB spreads their music and message across the states. The 2015 release has been a landmark for the Artist and for the Midwest music scene as a whole, paving the way for a bright future for the Zack Mufasa Band and their affiliates.